CS 384G

Computer Graphics

Fall 2011

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Course syllabus
Lectures: MW, 11:00-12:30pm, BUR 224
Unique #: 52550
Instructor: Don Fussell
      Office hours: MW 12:30-1:30 or by appointment (subject to change)
TA: Andrei Margea
      Office: TBD
      Office hours: TBD
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Other course-related information
Errata for Watt textbook
Instructional computer labs
Course reader(Warning: Large pdf)
Electronic communications in this course (mail lists and Blackboard)
Useful reference books for computer graphics
FLTK GUI toolkit
Useful graphics links
  • Due date for Project 3 is now Wednesday, November 9, artifact due Wednesday November 16.

  • Final project presentations will be on Saturday, December 10, 9am - 12pm in Burdine 224 (the normal classroom). All reports, artifacts and code should be turned in before this presentation date. If you need to do your presentation early because you're leaving town, send me email before Wednesday, Nov. 30 to make arrangements to do it that Wednesday.

Acknowledgements: The web pages and course materials for this course are largely adopted from the CSE 557 course at the University of Washington.
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