Course Readings

Alan Watt, 3D Computer Graphics, 3rd ed. ISBN 0-20-139855-9.
Reference books for
Computer Graphics

Foley, van Dam, Feiner, and Hughes. Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, 3rd edition in C. ISBN 02013985590.
Hearn and Baker, Computer Graphics, C Version, 2nd ed. ISBN 0-13-530924-7.
Angel, Interactive Computer Graphics. ISBN 0-201-85571-2.
Woo, Neider, and Davis. OpenGL Programming Guide,, 4th edition. ISBN 03211734812.
Reference books for
specific topics

Andrew S. Glassner et al. ed., Graphics Gems I-V ISBN 0122861663.
Tons of programming tricks for graphics. Source codes are publically available. You may find some of them useful for your ray tracing assignment.
Andrew S. Glassner et al. ed., An Introduction to Ray Tracing ISBN 0122861604.
A classic book on ray tracing.

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