Intel Nehalem

CS429H (378H) - Systems I (Honors)
(Computer Organization,
and Programming)

Instructor: Prof. Donald S. Fussell
Spring 2011
Lectures: MW 9:00-11:00
Lab: F 9:00-11:00
PAI 3.14
Unique Numbers: 53590, 53595

Systems I is an introduction to low-level computer design ranging from the basics of digital design up through the hardware/software interface for application programs. The focus is on how computers are merely machines that operate using a series of small and understandable steps. The course includes basics systems principles of pipelining and caching and requires students to write and understand programs at multiple levels. The instruction set will be a subset of x86 and students will focus less on writing their own assembly code and more on understanding how a machine coded program works. A critical element is programming for performance, which will require students to understand the relationships and interactions between the hardware and software. The course will also include an introduction to C programming (programming at the systems level) during the early laboratory assignments and these skills will be used and tested throughout Systems I and II.

This course includes a lab component in addition to the four units of course credit. Students should plan on devoting significant time to the lab assignments.

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