Some informal instructions on echotk

To take it out for a quick spin, choose Home.. off the Scanner menu; this lets it recalibrate itself. Then choose Monitor off the scanner menu; this brings up the monitor window and another menu with some sliders. You want to mess with the Sensitivity slider to set the Luminance (aim for lots of spikes ending inside the central target box), and the Sensitivity and Dismiss sliders to pretty up the Range Profile (try for maximum connectivity with minimum noise).

Scan by hitting the Big Green Scan Button. Note that the controls above it choose the geometry of the scan.

Look at the scan with the Display button. You can spin the wire frame and then re-render the surface image.

Save, off the File menu, saves a binary echo file. To convert it to an ascii list of vertices, type
echoascii < filename > filename.ascii

Nina Amenta
Last modified: Thu Aug 1 17:11:46 CDT 2002