Using the cyberware scanner in the graphics lab

Cyberware Scanner Photo

Anyone who has an account on the O2's in the graphics lab is welcome to use the Cyberware scanner.

To use the scanner, log onto kilo, the machine next to the scanner.

Put the following lines into your .login file:

#allows for the use of the cybeware scanner
setenv ECHO_DIR /projects/geom/cyberware/echotk
setenv ECHO_CFG $ECHO_DIR/cfg/echo7006.cfg
setenv ECHO_DEBUG 1
set path = ($path $ECHO_DIR/bin_sgi)

setenv HEADUS_HOME /projects/geom/cyberware/headus
set path = ($path $HEADUS_HOME/bin)

Documenation on the cyberware software is in /projects/geom/cyberware/documentation.

Scanning and Aligning

Getting enough points for a good model usually requires scanning from several angles on the turntable, moving the model with your hand, scanning from another angle, and then merging the two (or more!) angles.

One way to do this is to use the programs that come with the laser range scanner. Here is an example of scanning and aligning and making input for powercrust.

It should also be possible to align raw scans using zipper.


Thanks to former master's student Ben Brandt, who got the scanner up and running for us, and to Thomas Wahl who worked on some of the data handling.