Recursion and Induction -- CS 389r -- Problem Assignments


     Unique Number:  53182
 Class Room Number:  ENS 31NM
	Class Time:  Tuesday, Thursday, 11:00 to 12:20 pm

Reference Textbook:  Computer-Aided Reasoning:  An Approach
  Textbook Authors:  Kaufmann, Manolios, and Moore
 Purchase Location:  Lulu

	Instructor:  Warren A. Hunt, Jr.
   Office Location:  Main 2014
      Office Hours:  Thursday, 4:00 to 6:00 pm

Problems will be assigned weekly. Students are expected to solve these problems and be ready to present them to the class. Homework is to be turned in for grading. You may discuss the problem assignments with your peers, but the end product must be your own work. I want you to learn from and with your peers, but I want each of you to be responsible for your own work. In addition to the text book mentioned above, we will be using two sets of notes: one presents a subset of the ACL2 logic and the second has to do with our investigation of specifying and verifying a system for manipulating Boolean expressions.

Problem Assignments

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