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       Unique Numbers:  52873, 52875, 52880, 52885
   Class Room Numbers:  WEL 3.502
           Class Days:  Monday, Wednesday
           Class Time:  14:00 pm -- 15:50 pm

     Laboratory Times:  52873:  Monday,  9:00 -- 10:50, JES oA218A
                        52875:  Friday,  9:00 -- 10:50, UTC 4.110
                        52880:  Friday, 11:00 -- 12:50, UTC 4.102
                        52885:  Friday, 14:00 -- 15:50, WEL 3.402

       Class Textbook:  Computer Systems, A Programmer's Perspective, 2nd Edition
     Textbook Authors:  Randal E. Bryant and David O'Hallaron
        Textbook ISBN:  0-13-610804-0

           Instructor:  Warren A. Hunt, Jr.
    Instructor E-mail:
      Office Location:  Main 2014

         Office Hours:  Mondays, Wednesdays:  4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
                        Tuesdays, Thursdays:  5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Office Hours Location:  Painter Linux Laboratory (5th floor, Painter Hall)

  Teaching Assistants:  Islam Beltagy, Syed Akbar Mehdi, Vijay Talluru
            TA E-mail:,,
     TA Announcements:  Use

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