Reading List for Presentations
Fall 2004

Email Professor Dhillon and me (kulis at cs) with the paper you'd like to present.

PageRank Speedup:
PPT for BlockRank   PPT for Two-Stage
(Matt Walker)1. Chir Pan-Chi Lee, Gene Golub, and Steganos A. Zenios. A Fast Two-Stage Algorithm for Computing PageRank.
(Matt Walker) 2. Sepandar Kamvar, Taher Haveliwala, Christopher Manning, and Gene Golub.  Exploiting the Block Structure of the Web for Computing PageRank.

PageRank Personalization:
(Anurag Agarwal) 3. Taher HaveliwalaTopic Sensitive PageRank.
(Anurag Agarwal) 4.  Taher Haveliwala, Sepandar Kamvar, and Glen Jeh.  An Analytical Comparison of Approaches to Personalizing PageRank.

Updating PageRank:
Presentation (PDF)

(Srikanth Venkateswaran)
5. Amy Langville and Carl Meyer.  Updating PageRank with Iterative Aggregation.
(Srikanth Venkateswaran)   6. Cynthia Dwork, Ravi Kumar, and D. Sivakumar.  Towards Exploiting Link Evolution.
(Srikanth Venkateswaran) 7. Amy Langville and Carl Meyer.  Updating PageRank using the Group Inverse and Stochastic Complementation.


Social Networks:

(Shweta Bansal) 8. M. E. J. Newman and M.Girvan.  Finding and Evaluating Community Structure in Networks.

Latent Semantic Analysis:

(Albert Chen) 9. Thomas Hofmann.  Probabilistic LSA.

Web Search:

(Vikas Gupta) 10. Sergey Brin and Larry Page.  The Anatomy of a Search Engine.

(Vikas Gupta) 11. S. Ghemawat, H. Gobioff, and S. Leung.  The Google File System.
(Vikas Gupta) 12. Talk by Jeff Dean.  Google: A Behind-the-Scenes Look.


Focused Crawling:

(Dongmin Kim) 13. S. Chakrabarti, M. van den Berg, and B. Dom.  Focused Crawling: A New Approach to Topic-Specific Web Resource Discovery.

(Dongmin Kim) 14. S. Chakrabarti, M. van den Berg, and B. Dom.  Distributed Hypertext Resource Discovery Through Examples.

(Dongmin Kim) 15. S. Chakrabarti.  Focused Crawling.

Hierarchical Clustering:
(Priyank Misra) 16. G. Karypis, E-H. Han, and V. Kumar.  Chameleon: A Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm Using Dynamic Modeling.

Document Classification:
(Kevin Liu) 17. D. Koller and M. Sahami.  Hierarchically Classifying Documents using Very Few Words.

Semi-Supervised Learning:
(Justin Brickell) 18. D. Klein, S. Kamvar, and C. Manning.  From Instance-level Constraints to Space-level Constraints.