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Jared Davis
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I'm originally from Omaha, Nebraska. I studied computer science at UT Austin and completed my Ph.D. in 2009.

I now work full time at Centaur Technology in the formal verification group, with some consulting on the side via Kookamara.

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Mobile: 1 (512) 758-9967
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Jared Davis
11410 Windermere Meadows
Austin, TX 78759-4551 USA

New — The final, comprehensive Milawa/Jitawa Paper is up!

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ACL2 Projects

Most of my work has to do with the ACL2 theorem prover. You may be interested in:

My dissertation project, Milawa, is a small proof checker which can be extended with new proof techniques. Extensions can be verified by the small, trusted core so that new capabilities do not reduce our trust in the system.

Old Projects — I don't work on these anymore.