CS378 Computational Intelligence in Game Research II

Fall 2013, GDC 2.210, MW 2:00-3:30pm, Unique 54035

Joel Lehman
Office hours will be in GDC2.212 by appointment (a sign up website is forthcoming).


Minwoo Bae
Office hours: GDC2.212, times TBA

Christopher Donahue
Office hours: GDC2.212, times TBA

Jeremiah Bonney
Office hours: GDC2.212, times TBA

Jacob Bobb
Office hours: GDC2.212, times TBA


This 3 credit-hour course is a continuation of CS378 Computational Intelligence in Game Research I. Based on the proposal developed in CS378I, the students will carry out an independent research project. The general goal is to gain immersive experience in computer science research

Grades will be based on your effort and progress on your project. Note that grades do not depend on whether the project is successful, but upon attending regular advisory meetings, demonstrating consistent effort, and overcoming research obstacles. There is no curve or competition in this class, it is possible for everyone to get an A if they expend significant effort working on their projects and clearly present their results.

There will be three equally-weighted components to the final grade:

Project meetings during the semester:
You will meet regularly with myself and the mentors. During these meetings, we'll discuss progress and potential next steps. The mentors and I will evaluate this part of the grade by looking at progress throughout the semester and estimating effort and ability to overcome research obstacles.
Interactive project presentation:
Near the end of the semester each student or group will present what they've been working on and what they've learned. Presentations will be graded on clarity and content.
Written report at the end of the semester:
Each group will be responsible for a report that summarizes their project -- what worked, what didn't, any possible insights or conclusions from the research, and ideas for further extensions. Grades will be given to reports for clear presentation of ideas and depth of discussion.

The Piazza group (piazza.com/utexas/fall2013/cs378/home) for the class will be the main means of communication.

We will meet the first day of class in the scheduled room to discuss the class's structure. Weekly research group meetings will be held to discuss and present research papers and current research progress. Importantly, each group is expected to regularly sign up and meet with the instructor and/or mentors outside of the weekly research group meetings. Watch the Piazza site for further announcements. Suggestions are welcome.

Other useful links:
The UTCS Neural Networks Research Group
The NERO website

Notice: Students with disabilities may request appropriate academic accommodations from the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, Services for Students with Disabilities, 512-471-6259, http://www.utexas.edu/diversity/ddce/ssd/