Assignments F08

Programming Projects

Your deliverables in this class are programming projects that should keep you writing code (and therefore learning) throughout the class. The first four projects each stand alone. After that, the last three weeks of class will be spent working on building a real web application using the Ruby-on-Rails framework. The project pages are listed in order to the right of this page. The first four are due, one each week, on Tuesday by midnight, starting with Tuesday September 9th. As described under the class syllabus you have 3 slip days and you would be wise to save them for the later projects. Your deliverables for the web application will be announced during class.

Ruby is platform independent so unless otherwise instructed you may develop on any OS but avoid making OS-specific calls. Be sure to test your submission carefully before you submit it and avoid last minute changes without re-testing. A program that doesn't work is a worthless program and will graded very harshly.

Submission Instructions

We will be using the linux-based turnin program so you will need a CS account login. When ready to submit project1, place all and only the files you are submitting in the same directory, cd to that directory and enter the following command:

turnin --submit julian project1 *

For each subsequent project just increment the project number in this command.