CS105 Programming In Python
Meetings:MW 4:00 - 5:00 in GDC 4.302
First Class:August 28th 2013
Last Class:October 23rd 2013
Office Hours:5pm following class or by appointment in GDC 3.302


10/7: The deadline for Project3 has been extended to Wednesday Oct 9th by midnight.

9/23: Project3 is posted on the Assignments page, due October 7th by midnight

9/21: Project1 scores are posted on Blackboard including a break-down of where you lost credit. If you got less than 70 on the project you should come to office hours to discuss it and make sure you understand where you went wrong.

9/11: Project2 is posted on the Assignments page, due September 23rd by midnight

8/27: If you don't have a CS UNIX account you MUST GET ONE ASAP so you can use the linux-based turnin program.

8/27: Project1 is posted on the Assignments page, due September 11th by midnight

8/27: Quiz1 is due in class on Wednesday September 5th. You must turn in the quiz sheet with the printed output page attached. Put your name on both.

8/27: Check out the class discussion board on Blackboard.

8/27: Get the required textbook asap as you'll need it from day one!


These class pages are partly based on material from Ben Wiedermann's version of the same course.