CS105 Programming In Ruby
Meetings:MW 3:00 - 4:00 in GDC 2.210
First Class:January 13th 2014
Last Class:March 6th 2014
Office Hours:M/W 4pm in GDC 2.210 or in the 3rd floor open lab.


1/27: If you have the 4th edition of the Ruby book that covers v2.0, do the main reading assignments ("Schedule" page of the class website, not blackboard) listed for the 3rd edition because the chapter numbers are the same. The optional extra reading all comes from Chapter 22 in the 4th edition and it should be easy to see which parts of that chapter relate to the main assigned chapters for each day.

1/27: Project2, Bargain Bob's Discount Autos is posted, due by midnight on Monday Feb 3rd.

1/27: Quiz1 scores are posted on Blackboard. Files from today are also on Blackboard under "Course Documents".

1/13: Project1, Jump Into Ruby is posted, due by midnight on Monday Jan 27. See the Assignments page for turnin instructions.

1/13: IMPORTANT: WE WILL ONLY BE USING THE LINUX COMMAND LINE TURNIN PROGRAM NOT THE WEB TURNIN. So if you do not have a CS LINUX account you must get one ASAP. There is a link to request one on the class 'Ruby Online Resources' page linked to from the right of this screen.

1/13: The take-home quiz from today is due in class on Wednesday Jan 15.

1/13: The syllabus is the same as for Spring 2012. We will be using Rails version 2.3.14. This class will teach you Ruby 1.8/1.9 programming and provide an introduction to the popular Rails framework for rapidly developing web-applications. You'll even work on a live Rails-based web application. See the syllabus link on the right for more details.


These class pages are based on the CS105 class pages and syllabi of Kurt Dresner, Greg Kuhlmann, Alan Oursland, and Shimon Whiteson.