Python Online Resources

Class Resoures

Grades will be posted on Blackboard. We will also be using Blackboard for the class discussion board, and also for instructor to class emails so make sure you have access to whatever email address the Univesity has on record for you. All questions you have regarding material in class or assignments should be posted to the discussion board which you should all check regularly. Generaly, I will only respond to these questions on the discussion board rather than individually by email, but you may email me to draw my attention to a particular thread if it is not getting resolved.


These links are taken directly from Ben Wiedermann's version of this course - thanks Ben!

Basic Info

  • The main Python web site, which contains links to downloads, documentation, and more.
  • Python 3000 and You Slides from a talk Guido gave about Python 3.0



  • Why Python? An article by hacker Eric Raymond about why he chooses Python.


  • Requesting a UNIX account from UTCS You'll need a UNIX account for this course.
  • Public Labs A list of public labs available to students. The Linux machines have Python 2.6.5 installed. UTCS UNIX id and password required to log in.