Schedule F09

Each week there will be a quiz. Many of questions will come straight out of the reading assignments, but the main reason to do them is to improve your knowledge and understanding of Python.

Here is the approximate schedule. It might be modified as the class progresses.

Date Topic Assignment
8/27 Class Organization, Running Python, Key Concepts: Names & Objects. None
9/1 Key Concepts: Names & Objects. Help. PER ch. 1, 2
9/3 Quiz1 code, File basics, Iteration, IDLE, Misc. sequences & containers, pickle, Exceptions, Multiple assignment, Tuple unpacking. PER ch. 3 (pp. 52–63 optional). Quiz1 due in class.
9/8 Quiz2 & misc catch up topics, Copying objects. PER ch. 4, 5
9/10 Functions & Functional Python: def, lambda, parameter passing, return values, list comprehensions, generators, map, reduce, filter. PER ch. 6 pp. 93–102. Project1 due 00:01
9/15 Functional Python: scope rules and closures. Project1 solutions. PER ch. 6 pp. 103–115 and ch. 7 pp. 117–128
9/17 Quiz3. Finish Project1 solutions. Decorators. PER ch. 7 pp. 129–141. Project2 due 00:01
9/22 Object Oriented Python PER ch. 1-7 (catch up)
9/24 Object Oriented Python. PER ch. 8 (optional)
9/29 Quiz 4. Project2 solutions. PER ch. 1-8 (catch up)
10/1 OOP odds and ends. import & file organization, Strings, Text, Regular Expressions. PER ch. 16. Project3 due 00:01
10/6 Project3 solutions
10/8 MVC Design Pattern. Google app-engine w basic CRUD ops. Project4 due 00:01
10/13 Threading and Networking. Project4 solutions PER ch. 20 pp. 436-446. PER ch. 21 esp. pps. 449-452 & 469-486 re. socket
10/15 Threading and Networking same as previous
10/20 Project5 demos/solutions. Course surveys. Project5 due 00:01 no slip days!