CS329E Fall 2006 Dr. David Kincaid

Welcome CS329E Students
Elements of Algorithms in Bio-Informatics
Fall 2006 Dr. David Kincaid

Dr. David R. Kincaid, PAI 5.48, Tel: 471-9783, Fax: 471-8885
Office Hours: immediately after class in RLM 13.158
or via email kincaid@cs.utexas.edu or by appointment.
TA: Nathan Paczan Office Hours: MW 2-3pm, PAI 5.38 (Elements Lab) or via email npaczan@cs.utexas.edu
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Miscellaneous Information:
Special Office Hours, Monday (12/11) and Tuesday (12/12), 2-3pm, Dr. Kincaid, PAI 5.48
Review Session: Nathan Paczan, Elements Lab, Monday (12/11), 7pm.

08 Dec 06