AAAI Robot Challenge

AAAI-2002 Mobile Robot Competition
National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-2002)
July 28 - August 1, 2002, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Robot Challenge Event Chair: Benjamin Kuipers:
Assistant Event Chair: Ashley W. Stroupe:


The purpose of the AAAI Robot Challenge is to "raise the bar" for intelligent robot participation in a natural human environment, to stimulate robotics research groups to address these challenges, and to use robotics demonstrations to educate the public about the excitement and difficulties of intelligent robotics research.

The Task: Attend AAAI-2002

The task is to attend the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, interact with the other attendees, and give a (brief) technical talk on itself in an assigned room. In the long run, the robot should be given no more information than any other participant arriving in a new city to attend a major technical conference. In the short run, compromises and flexibility will be necessary, and will be taken into account in the judging process.

The subtasks are the following. Ideal performance is indicated (think of Lieutenant Commander Data or C3PO), and some possible compromises.

  1. Start at the front door of the conference center.

  2. Navigate to the registration desk.

  3. Register: stand in line if necessary, identify itself, receive registration material, a map of the conference center, and a room number and time for its talk.

  4. Interact with other conference attendees.

  5. Get to the conference room on time, taking an elevator if necessary.

  6. If requested, perform volunteer tasks as time permits.

  7. Make a two-minute presentation about its own technology, and answer questions.

Driving Technologies

There are a number of important technologies that are involved in meeting this Challenge.

Registered Teams

Here are the registered robot teams.

The robot teams that are currently registered are:

Judging and Awards

Robots participating in this event will not be ranked. However, the judges will recognize excellent performance in the variety of skills required by this event.

We will have a distinguished panel of judges again this year.

The Robot Challenge event itself will take place on Wednesday, July 31. There may be preliminary trials on Tuesday, July 30 as well.

Written Reports

To ensure that the technical advances in each entrant are clearly understood and can be built upon, each team should submit a paper (up to six conference pages) summarizing their approach.

There will be a workshop on Thursday, August 1, at which these papers will be presented and experiences and difficulties discussed. (More information later.)