CS 396M (Spring 2014) Reading List and References

Instructor:  Simon S. Lam

Packet Scheduling: Queueing Analysis


CS 396M Lecture Slides on Packet Scheduling: Queueing Analysis




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Packet Scheduling: End-to-End Delay Bounds


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Protocol Design Tool Box


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Network Congestion Control


CS 396M Lecture Slides on Sliding Window Protocol and Congestion Control 


Matthew Mathis, Jeffrey Semke, Jamshid Mahdavi,            

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Y. Richard Yang and Simon Lam,                                
General AIMD Congestion Control
Proceedings ICNP 2000, Osaka, Japan, November 2000. ( pdf )


       Reference on further research


       Dina Katabi, Mark Handley, and Charlie Rohrs,

       Internet congestion control for future high bandwidth-delay product environments,

       Proceedings ACM SIGCOMM, 2002. ( pdf )

Security: Multicasts and Flows


Chung Kei Wong, Mohamed Gouda, and Simon S. Lam,   

Secure Group Communications Using Key Graphs,

Proceedings ACM SIGCOMM '98, Vancouver, B.C., September 1998. ( pdf , journal version )


        Reference on system design


X. Brian Zhang, Simon S. Lam, Don-Young Lee, and Y. Richard Yang,

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Chung Kei Wong and Simon S. Lam

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Security: Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks



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Overlay Network Protocols



Frank Dabek, Russ Cox, Frans Kaashoek and Robert Morris,
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       Seminal reference


       T. S. Eugene Ng and Hui Zhang,

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Simon S. Lam and Huaiyu Liu                   

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and Performance  Evaluation,                                  

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       Huaiyu Liu and Simon S. Lam

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Greedy Routing                       



Simon S. Lam and Chen Qian

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Proceedings ACM SIGMETRICS, June 2011. ( pdf , journal version)



Chen Qian and Simon S. Lam,

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Scalable and Resilient Layer-2 Networks with Ethernet Compatibility



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Proceedings ACM SIGCOMM, 2008. ( pdf )



Chen Qian and Simon S. Lam,

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UT-Austin, Department of Computer Science, TR-13-19. October 19, 2013.  (TR-13-19.pdf)