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Doctoral Dissertations Supervised

Hongkun Yang,
``Efficient Verification of Packet Networks,'' December 2015. (Current position: Software Engineer, Google, Sunnyvale, CA.)

Chen Qian,
''A Scalable, Resilient, and Self-managing Layer-2 Network,'' August 2013. (Current position: Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering, University of California at Santa Cruz.)

Dong-Young Lee,
''Protocol Design for Dynamic Delaunay Triangulation,'' December 2008.  (Current Position:  Senior Research Engineer, LG Electronics, Seoul, Korea.)

Yi Li,
''Model-driven Optimization of Multihop Wireless Networks,'' August 2008, co-supervised by Yin Zhang.  (Current Position:  Software Engineer, Apple, Cupertino, California.)

Feng Wang,
''Multi-hop Wireless Network Management: Measurement, Modeling, and Control,'' August 2007, co-supervised by Lili Qiu. (Current position: Member of Technical Staff, Meraki Networks, Mountain View, CA.)

Min Sik Kim,
''Building and Maintaining Overlay Networks for Bandwidth-Demanding Applications,'' August 2005. (Last known position: Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Washington State University.)

Xincheng Brian Zhang,
''Protocol Design for Scalable and Reliable Group Rekeying,'' August 2005. (Current position: Senior Staff Software Engineer and Technical Lead, Google, Mountain View, CA.)

Huaiyu Liu,
''A Resilient Routing Infrastructure for Peer-to-Peer Networks,'' August 2005. (Current position: Senior Software Engineer, Google, Portland, Oregon.)

Y. Richard Yang,
''Network Congestion Control,'' August 2001. (Current Position: Professor of Computer Science, Yale University.)

Chung Kei Wong,
''Network Security Services for Flows and Multicasts,'' December 1999. (Current position: Software Engineer, Google, Mountain View, CA.)

David K. Y. Yau,
''End System Support for Networking with Quality of Service Guarantees,'' July 1997. (Current position: Professor of Information Systems, Singapore University of Technology and Design. Previous position: Associate Professor of Computer Science, Purdue University.)

Geoffrey G. Xie,
''Network Architecture and Algorithms for Multimedia Transport,'' August 1996. (Current position: Professor of Computer Science, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA.)

Thomas Y. C. Woo,
''Authentication and Authorization in Distributed Systems,'' August 1994. IEEE Fellow, Bell Labs Fellow. (Current position: Head, Scalable Data Processing, Nokia Bell Labs.) 

Kenneth L. Calvert,
''Quotient Problems and Protocol Conversion,'' May 1991. IEEE Fellow. (Current position: Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Kentucky; since May 2016, on leave at the National Science Foundation as Director, CISE Division of Computer and Network Systems. Previous position: Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology.) 

Pradeep Jain,
''Specification of Real-Time Broadcast Networks,'' May 1991. (Last known position: Technical staff member, Qualcomm.)

Ching-Tarng Hsieh,
''Models and Algorithms for the Design of Store-and-Forward Communication Networks,'' December 1986. (Current position: Engineering Director, Information & Communications Laboratories at ITRI, Taiwan and Regional Director of WiMax Forum.)

Ching-Hua Edward Chow,
''A Discipline for the Verification and Modular Construction of Communication Protocols,'' December 1985. (Current position: Professor of Computer Science, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.)

A. Udaya Shankar,
''Analysis of Communication Protocols via Protocol Projections,'' December 1982. (Current position: Professor of Computer Science, University of Maryland at College Park.)

Ben L. DiVito,
''Verification of Communications Protocols and Abstract Process Models,'' August 1982, co-supervised by Don Good. (Current position: Senior Research Engineer, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia.)

Y. Luke Lien,
''Modeling and Analysis of Flow-controlled Computer Communication Networks,'' December 1981. (Last known position: Senior Manager, IBM Research.)

M.A. Theses Supervised

Nishanth Sastry,
''Application Specific Unicast Congestion Control,'' December 2001.

Raghuram Bindignavle,
''Secure Network Programming,'' December 1994.

Simon Chow,
''A Study of MPEG Compressed Video Traffic on Computer Networks,'' August 1994.

Yeu-Chen Hao,
''Simulation of Queueing Network Models and Analysis of Performance Measures,'' December 1984.

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