Simon S. Lam

CS 356 Wireshark Lab Assignments  

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How to pick up graded homework and Wireshark lab submissions: Your graded submissions are usually handed out in class.  Any that were not picked up during class are kept by the TA. If you did not pick up yours, please see the TA during his office hours or see him before or after class.

I expect that most of you will do Wireshark lab assignments on your own personal computer.  Note that you cannot capture packets on UTCS computers due to obvious security concerns.

The labs are written assuming that you have a personal computer that runs Windows and is connected to the Internet (note: 802.11 wireless connection is okay for these labs).  Wireshark for analyzing packet traces and WinPcap for capturing traces can be downloaded from this site, Wireshark download is also available for Mac and other OS platforms (however, I have not tried them). 

Please write your UT EID on your assignment submission (instead of your name) for confidentiality when papers are returned to you in class.


Intro lab Installation of Wireshark and "test drive," due at beginning of class on Sept. 7, 2017, Thurs.

You can do the following assigned labs using Kurose-Ross captured traces on UTCS Linux machines where wireshark is already installed.

In fact, for most questions in the following assignments, it is recommended that you answer them using the Kurose-Ross captured traces, rather than your own captured traces, because it will be easier for the TA to figure out whether or not your answers are correct.  The Kurose-Ross captured traces were obtained from .


HTTP lab  due at beginning of class on Sept. 28, 2017, Thurs.

Ethernet-ARP lab   due at beginning of class on December 5, 2017, Tuesday.