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The University of Texas at Austin

Simon S. Lam

Professor and Regents Chair in Computer Science


B.S. with Distinction in Electrical Engineering (1969)
Washington State University, Pullman

M.S. in Engineering (1970), Ph.D. (1974)
University of California, Los Angeles

Areas of Research Interest

Computer network protocol design, Internet security services, protocol verification, and performance analysis

Major Honors and Awards

· Member, National Academy of Engineering (elected 2007) with the citation, ''For contributions to computer network protocols and network security services.''

· Software System Award (2004), ACM, with the citation, "For inventing secure sockets and prototyping the first secure sockets layer (named SNP - Secure Network Programming) as a high-level abstraction suitable for securing Internet applications" (co-recipient)

· SIGCOMM Award (2004), ACM, for lifetime contributions to the field of communication networks with the citation, "in recognition of his vision, breadth, and rigor in contributing to, among other areas: secure network communication, the analysis of network and multiaccess protocols, the analysis of queueing networks, and the design of mechanisms for quality of service"

· W. Wallace McDowell Award (2004), IEEE Computer Society, with the citation, "For outstanding fundamental contributions in network protocols and security services"

· William R. Bennett Prize (2001) in the field of Communications Networking, IEEE Communications Society (co-recipient)

· ACM Fellow (elected 1998) with the citation,"For fundamental research contributions to the design, analysis, and understanding of computer network architectures and protocols."

· IEEE Fellow (elected 1985) with the citation, "For contributions to the understanding of multiple access techniques, packet-switching networks, and communication protocols."

· Leonard G. Abraham Prize (1975) in the field of Communications Systems, IEEE Communications Society (co-recipient)

· Member, Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas (elected 2007)

· Teaching Excellence Award (2007), College of Natural Sciences, UT-Austin

Major Professional Service

· Chair, Department of Computer Science, The University of Texas at Austin, 1992-1994

· Editor-in-Chief, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 1995-1999;
   Editorial Board, 1992-2001

· Editorial Board, Computer Networks, 1999-2007

· Editorial Board, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 1990-1994

· Editorial Board, Performance Evaluation, 1981-1993

· Editor, Network Protocols, IEEE Transactions on Communications, 1984-1990

· Editorial Board, Proceedings of the IEEE, 1985-1989

· Co-founder of IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols in 1993

· Co-founder of ACM SIGCOMM Conference in 1983

· Steering Committee member, IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols, 1993 - 2008;
   Advisory Board, 2008 - present

· General Chair, IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols, Boston, 1994

· Program Chair, ACM SIGCOMM Symposium, Austin, Texas, 1983 (inaugural)

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