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NOTE: The Compiler Reading Group may be taking a one semester hiatus. If you would be interested in participating, please send mail to Calvin Lin (

Spring 1996 Schedule

  • Feb 7
  • "Compiler-Directed Page Coloring for Multiprocessors"
    Edouard Bugnion, Jennifer M. Anderson, Todd C. Mowry, Mendel Rosenblum, and Monica S. Lam. (Anthony Pang)
  • Feb 14
  • "Compiler-Based Prefetching for Recursive Data Structures"
    Chi-Keung Luk and Todd C. Mowry. (Qing Zhu)
  • Feb 21
  • "Improving Balanced Scheduling with Compiler Optimizations that Increase Instruction-Level Parallelism"
    Jack L. Lo and Susan J. Eggers (Eugene Gorbatov)
  • Feb 28
  • "Optimizing Parallel Programs with Explicit Synchronization"
    A. Krshnamurth and K. Yelick (Scott Kaplan)
    Location for this week: Taylor 2.122
  • Mar 7
  • "Partial Evaluation: Principles and Perspectives"
    C. Consel and O. Danvy (Levent Erkok)
  • Mar 14
  • Spring Break
  • Mar 21
  • No meeting due to Open House
  • Mar 28
  • "A General Approach for Run-Time Specialization and its Application to C"
    Charles Consel and Francois Noel (Don Padgett)
  • Apr 4
  • "Optimistic Incremental Specialization: Streamlining a Commercial Operating System"
    Calton Pu, Tito Autrey, Andrew Black, Charles Consel, Crispin Cowan, Jon Inouye, Lakshmi Kethana, Jonathan Walpole and Ke Zhang (Sam Guyer)
  • Apr 11
  • "`C: A Language for High-Level, Efficient, and Machine-Independent Dynamic Code Generation"
    Dawson Engler et al. (Yannis Smaragdakis)
  • Apr 18
  • "Selective Specialization for Object-Oriented Languages"
    Jeffrey Dean, Craig Chambers and David Grove (Chin-Tser Huang and Hung-Ming Chen)
  • Apr 25
  • "Incorporating Application Semantics and Control into Compilation"
    Dawson Engler (Leaderless Discussion)

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