LESSSS: LESS Seminar Series

Next Speakers

Thursday, February 17, 2000: Ken Birman Cornell University The Next Generation Internet: Unsafe at any Speed?

Friday, February 11, 2000: Peter Druschel Rice University The ScalaServer Project.

Previous Speakers

Thursday, March 4, 1999: Mark D. Hill, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Multicast Snooping: A New Coherence Method Using a Multicast Address Network.

Friday, February 19, 1999: Fred Schneider, Cornell University, Enforceable Security Policies and their Enforcement.

Thursday, December 3, 1998: Michael Smith, Harvard University, Code Optimization in an Art Deco Style.

Thursday, November 12, 1998: Leslie Lamport, Digital Systems Research Center, Should Your Specification Language Be Typed?

Monday, November 1, 1998: Charles Leiserson, MIT Lab for Computer Science, Debugging Multithreaded Programs.

Thursday, October 29, 1998: Larry Snyder, University of Washington,  .

Monday, October 19, 1998: Tom Cormen, Dartmouth College, Multiprocessor Out-of-Core FFTs with Distributed Memory and Parallel Disks.

Thursday, September 24, 1998: Udi Manber, The University of Arizona, A Universal Search Environment.

Tuesday, January 27, 1998: Edward Felton, Princeton University, Flexible Secure Architectures for Mobile Code.

Friday, December 12, 1997: Tom Anderson, University of Washington, Self-Tuning Network File Systems.

Thursday, November 13, 1997: Maurice Herlihy, Brown University, Wait-Free and Lock-Free Synchronization: a Survey.

Friday, October 31, 1997: Mahadev Satyanarayanan, Department of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Mobile Information Access.

Thursday, October 16, 1997: Arvind, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, Processors, Caches and Memory Models: Specification and Verification.

Thursday, September 18, 1997: Mendel Rosenblum, Stanford University, Disco: Running Commodity Operating Systems on Scalable Multiprocessors.

Thursday May 1, 1997: David Patterson, University of California, Berkeley, Intelligent RAM (IRAM): Chips that remember AND compute.

Thursday April 3, 1997: Guy Blelloch, Department of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Pebbles, Programming and Parallelism.

Thursday March 20, 1997: Keith Marzullo, University of California, San Diego, Clock Synchronization for Hard Real Time Distributed Systems.

Thursday Feb 13, 1997: Willy Zwaenepoel, Department of Computer Science, Rice University, Treadmarks: Shared Memory Computing on Networks of Workstations.

Thursday Dec 12, 1996: David Culler, University of California, Berkeley, Effects of Communication Latency, Overhead, and Bandwidth in a Cluster Architecture.

Monday Dec 9, 1996: Andrew A. Chien, University of Illinois, High Performance Virtual Machines: Efficient Cooperative Computing.

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