CritterFest Hall of Fame

Year Winner Owner
2019 God Trent Becker and Lucas Gates
2018 Abhiwolf Abhilash Potluri and Zac Schulwolf
2017 Captain Cook Jeremy Cook and Arvind Raghavan
2016 Benzene Niels Kornerup and Wyatt Reeves
2015 Running Plague Johnny Colby
2014 Dora the Explorer Nelson Swindler and Alex Upshaw
2013 SuperCritter Ashlie Martinez and Willis Harvey
2012 Invictus Ellis Michael and Reid McKenzie
2011 Qua-Tzar Leah Hudson and Matt Lau
2010 BalesWolfe Brian Bales and Jason Wolfe
2009 PackRover2 Dominic Caudell and Ivo Popov
2008 GigaRoverTrap Junke Zhao
2007 McCoyd Michael McCoyd
2006 ClusterFooBaz Ravi Pinjala and Yidi Yu
2005 Petrov Brady Ellison and Andrey Petrov
2004 Undead Masses Sean Catchpole and Jamie Hargrove
2003 Mothra Brandon Dillon
2002 BioMass Drew Russell
Last modified: October 8, 2019