Written Proposal

Proposal writing is an important skill -- you will be writing research proposals throughout the rest of your career and much of your success will be determined by how well you can convince others that the work you want to do is worth doing and that you have the ability to accomplish that work.

The purpose of the written proposal is to save you time by (1) identifying a specific goal and establishing that pursuing that goal is worthwhile and (2) developing a concrete strategy for meeting those goals and verifying that the proposed strategy actually matches the stated goals. (You would be surprised at how many research projects' strategies either do huge amounts of irrelevant work for a given set of goals or do a bunch of work and then realize that they still have not address their goals).

We will provide feedback on the written proposal to enhance both the written and in-class oral proposals.

The written proposal should follow the following format: Outline for written project proposal 3-5 pages