University of MAD
The Annual Student Developer Conference.
February 21, 2015.
uMAD 2015 Schedule
Profiling iOS App Performance
Charlie Nowacek   ·   Tilt
start - end   ·   GDC 1.304
Finding performance improvements in your app is important to delivering a great user experience. We'll learn how to measure some key performance metrics using Apple Instruments. We'll also talk about a couple of simple ways to streamline your application.
Building Super Responsive UIs using AsyncDisplayKit
Rene Cacheaeux   ·   Mutual Mobile
start - end   ·   GDC 6.302
Ever wonder how Facebook built such a smooth and responsive user interface in their Paper app? The Paper team built a whole new UI API on top of UIKit and Core Animation called AsyncDisplayKit. It does all the UI work off the main thread. Since the release of Paper, the team has open sourced this cutting edge library. Join us as we walk through the basics of building silky smooth screens using AsyncDisplayKit.
Building Apple Watch apps with WatchKit
Charlie Nowacek   ·   Tilt
start - end   ·   GDC 6.302
Ready to build apps for the latest Apple hardware? Let's build a simple application for the upcoming Apple Watch. Learn about the basics of WatchKit and how to integrate its features to extend your existing applications. (Requires XCode 6.2 Beta)
How to Start Frolicking: Concept-to-Market by Young Engineers for Young Engineers
Tripp Wickersham, Mira Chen   ·   RetailMeNot
start - end   ·   GDC 2.216
You’ve got a big idea and you’ve got ... at least some of the coding chops to build it, but you have no idea how to actually produce an app, a brand, a product. Well neither did the three fresh-out-of-college software engineers behind the newly launched iOS app Frolic when they started at RetailMeNot six months ago. Come hear two of them talk about the path to learning not only the full-stack of engineering skills necessary to launch an app but also the often more critical, softer sciences needed for launch—everything from user testing and design to branding, marketing and intellectual property protection. This is a crash course in concept-to-market for the young engineer with big ideas taught by other young engineers with big ideas.
Comyar, Bruce, Jason   ·   MAD
start - end   ·   Welch 2.224
This is the uMAD Keynote! The speakers include Comyar Zaheri (Our old MAD President), Bruce Porter (Chair), and Jason Seats (Partner @Techstars)!
Lunch / Career Fair
Everyone   ·   MAD
start - end   ·   GDC Atrium
Eat all the great lunch food!
MAD   ·   MAD
start - end   ·   GDC Atrium
Check in front of the GDC. YOU MUST BRING YOUR uMAD Badge
Android Sensors Workshop
Craig Cornelius   ·   Google
start - end   ·   GDC 2.216
How to access Android sensor values, e.g., accelerometers, magnetic sensor, GPS data, barometric pressure
East Coast vs West Coast Web App Development
John Shilling   ·   Google
start - end   ·   GDC 2.216
"Google Scale Development" -- It contrasts traditional Big-Metal-Relational-Database development (East Coast Development) with the kinds of things that Google/Facebook/.... do (West Coast Development).
Introduction to Web Development with Python
Taylor Barnett   ·   MAD
start - end   ·   GDC 1.304
An interactive, beginner level talk on what a web framework is, the client server model, and how to program an introductory Python Flask web application, which can help you build bigger things like a larger web application or your own API.
Closing Ceremony
Mickey Ristoph   ·   MAD
start - end   ·   GDC 2.216
Dinner and a great closing ceremony by the CEO of Mutual Mobile, Mickey Ristoph!
Project Showcase
Students   ·   MAD
start - end   ·   GDC 3rd Floor
Eat all the yummy cookies from Tiffs Treats and check out some of the projects our students are showcasing!
Blasting Off Your Designs With Interface Builder
Hunter Bridges   ·   Jawbone
start - end   ·   GDC 6.302
With the release of Xcode 6, Apple has brought the power of Interface Builder to a new level. In this workshop, Hunter will demonstrate how to use Interface Builder to rapidly prototype iOS applications. He’ll also cover combining Xcode 6’s new features with CoreAnimation to design customizable UI elements. Participants will complete this workshop with a new perspective on leveraging Interface Builder to achieve a more visual and productive workflow.
The Gift of Gifs - A Crash Course in iOS Development
Matt Greenwell, William Kalish   ·   BuzzFeed
start - end   ·   GDC 1.304
Join us while we walk through creating an iOS app that pulls gifs from the API, displays them on an iPhone, and allows simple sharing to your friends. Check out for the repo, and ask questions as we go.
iOS App Development 101
Rene Cacheaux   ·   Mutual Mobile
start - end   ·   GDC 1.304
Never built an app? No problem; come learn the basics of building iOS apps using Apple’s development tools. We’ll walk through building a very basic app from nothing to something. You’ll get hands on experience with Xcode, Interface Builder, and Swift — Apple’s new programming language.
Android 101
Sai Avala   ·   MAD
start - end   ·   GDC 6.302
Learn about the basics of Android App Development!
Designing Mobile Apps for Growth
Anthony Roldan   ·   HubSpot
start - end   ·   GDC 2.216
Being able to code a solid app is just table stakes. How do you make decisions when building an app that will let you make sure it grows? We'll look at techniques in design, analytics, and experimentation to grow weekend projects into potential businesses.
InstaFamous – Android client for the popular Instagram feed
Prerak Trivedi   ·   Visa
start - end   ·   GDC 1.304
A demo application to showcase the popular photos on Instagram using the Instagram endpoints. We will be using 3rd party networking libraries like Picasso (for loading images) and Async-Http (for network requests). Assumption is to have a fair knowledge of Android architecture/building blocks so that it is easier to follow along
Android Libraries, Tips & Tricks
Anthony Taormina   ·   RetailMeNot
start - end   ·   GDC 6.302
Come learn useful and practical Android development tips​ ​from the mobile team at RetailMeNot. We'll also be covering some of our favorite third-party libraries and how you can use them in your own projects.
Code and Time-Efficient Network Request for Android
Anthony Roldan   ·   HubSpot
start - end   ·   GDC 2.216
One of the core building blocks of mobile apps is the network request. How do we get data from web services and render it in our app? We'll take a look at a few libraries and patterns -- Google's Volley and Jackson -- that can make your model layer clean, fast, and readable.
WiCS Lean In
WiCS   ·   WiCS
start - end   ·   GDC 2.210
The lovely women of WiCS will be sharing their experiences as women in the tech field.
What is uMAD?

University of MAD (uMAD) is an annual daylong conference providing UTCS students with key insights into mobile, web, and cloud technologies used in the industry everyday.

Keynotes by Leading
Designers in the Industry.
Technical Workshops by Engineers
Who Build Some of the Most
Widely Used Products.
Opportunities to Showcase Your Personal Projects to Developers
and Recruiters.
Is this a hackathon?

No, we are a developers conference.

Who can attend?

All UT Austin students are allowed to attend. You will be notified in Febraury.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, it's completely free.

What should I bring?

Just yourself, your computer, and your conference badge.

Do I need to have experience in mobile or web development?

Nope, there will be courses for both beginners and advanced folks.

More questions?

Contact us at

See You Here
Gates and Dell Complex.
Febraury 21, 2015,
10 AM – 8 PM.