Summer Projects for the UXXI Program

Number Description Scale Suggested By Suggested For
1 Investigate ways to move data from a database on a windows NT platform (probably Oracle) to a database on Unix sun sparc platform (could be Oracle or Informix). Lloyd
2 Related to #1, investigate how to connect to a database on a Unix or Windows NT server and pull data from it in XML and display with XSLT. In reverse, how to move data from XML into a DB on corresponding platforms. Lloyd
3 Expand API's for the JCDB to include additional tables for LDIF and logistical data (see Lloyd
4 Use Common UTO tool in a Windows environment to show the successful building of a TO in a JCDB DB. We need to migrate Common UTO to Windows or else come up with another solution. Here's the text of the request:

`For our demonstration this month, I had thought about using the Common UTO Tool to demonstrate the successful movement of a task organization developed by DMSO's UOB DAT tool into an ABCS JCDB database. Because of our/my general lack of knowledge of Unix, the architecture Mike Hopkins and I are considering uses Windows NT as a server, not Unix. Unfortunately, the Common UTO tool, a Java based application, is designed to run on a UNIX server. Is it possible to move it to a Windows NT server and how hard would that be? Is this a task one of your students could undertake? What kind of time frame would we be looking at?'