Status of Bugs for Halo Project

Bug Reported by short description link to bug report Assigned to Status
1 James get-formula-cation-component crashes with the following argument: (:|seq| (:|pair| 1 c) (:|pair| 3 h) (:|pair| 1 c) (:|pair| 1 o) (:|pair| 1 o) (:|pair| 1 h)) none Sunil notifed Sunil
2 James Compute-Hydrolysis test case fails with (the append of (:seq (:seq (:pair 1 H-Plus)) nil)) error msg. none Peter Fixed
3 Steve Salt has-definition doesn't identify salts with NH4 ions in it yet none Steve implementing
4 Dan Compute-Conjugate-Acid fails for Chemical with has-basic-structural-unit CO3-Minus-2. none James Fixed
5 Ken Compute-Conjugate-Acid fails for Chemical with has-basic-structural-unit NO2-Minus: (the append of (:seq (:seq (:pair 1 H)) NIL)) again. none James/Peter NAB
6 James Compute-Concentration-Change-Constant returns nil for the following input: (a Hydrolysis with (raw-material (((a NH3-Substance with (plays ((a Base-Role with (ka ((a Equilibrium-Constant-Value with (value ((:pair 0.000018 nil))))))))) (concentration ((a Concentration-Value with (value ((:pair 0.1 *molar))))))) & (a Chemical called "Reactant"))))) none Peter NAB
7 Steve the has-part of H2O returns H-Plus OH-Minus and O-Minus-2 none Sunil fixed
8 James cronjob thinks +/- is undefined none Peter fixed
9 James cronjob reports mole-weight is undefined in Compute-Mole-from-Weight-and-Chemical none James reported
10 James cronjob reports Q11 test cases failed none James reported
11 James cronjob reports Compute-pH-for-Two-Solutions test cases failed none James fixed
12 James cronjob reports Bacterial-DNA-Transcription test cases failed because Comment tag [Compute-Chemical-Formula-of-Ionic-Compound-output-1] was encountered as a free-standing slot-value none James can't reproduce