The Component Library: Bugs and other Issues

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Issue Short Description Assigned to Status
1 Add Wordnet synsets to all components that currently lack them. Coordinate with Dan's effort to associate Wordnet links with .km files, rather than doc files. Also, coordinate with person doing task #2.
2 Phase out "system documentation" in favor of SME doc's. This involves several steps: (1) find SME doc's that reference system documentation, and remove those references; (2) find components that have only system documentation and rewrite them to use the SME-doc format. (3) Coordinate with person doing task #1. (4) Think about our current use of the description slot, and decide whether descriptions should be retained, or replaced by SME doc's. Dan (1) Done
(2) In progress
3 Compile a list of components that lack SME doc's. This task needs to wait until Task 2 is completed, so that we have a complete picture. Dan Done. See doc-report.html
4 Investigate a bug in our browser when using Mozilla. The horizontal scrollbar on the taxonomy window does not appear. (The vertical scrollbar does.) Dan In progress
5 Little things about the office equipment hierarchy:
  • office equipment is located in an Office-Room
  • for Coffee-Maker, add Coffee as a Substance and make the result of the Produce
  • for Fax-Machine, integrate it into the Communication model as the instrument of Faxing,where Faxing is a subclass of Transmit (?)
  • for Photocopier, consider saying that its purpose is to make copies of documents, where the copy has the same information-content as the original. With this approach, no need to define Photocopy (which is currently a stub), so it can be deleted
  • for Rolodex, consider saying that it is a type of document whose information content is the names, phone numbers, and addresses of People, where these are new Properties
  • for Shred, say that it ruins documents in particular (do documents have a purpose? They should.)
  • Staple is referenced from as if it is an Action. However, is defined as an Artifact. In general, for terms like Staple and Tape which are ambiguous in this way, please create classes named Staple-Action and Staple-Entity, or some such
  • Tape-Dispenser is misusing Be-Contained, which expects a base and an object
  • Telephone should be integrated into the Communication model, in a fashion similar to Fax-Machine;
  • The documentation for all these classes of Office Equipment are not SME doc's -- they seem to be using the system-doc format, or the biology-doc format, instead.
Peter In Progress
6 The documentation for the site slot has not kept up with its intended usage. Update the doc file and the slot dictionary James completed
7 The gpd-description for these spec files is wrong: Barrier.spec.kml, Conduit.spec.kml, Connector.spec.kml, Container.spec.kml, Courier.spec.kml, Creator.spec.kml, Donor-Role.spec.kml, Entrance.spec.kml, Food.spec.kml, Instrument-Role.spec.kml, Medium.spec.kml, Outlet.spec.kml, Portal-Covering.spec.kml, Portal.spec.kml, Product.spec.kml, Recipient-Role.spec.kml, Target.spec.kml, Vehicle.spec.kml. It should say "name=Roles", not Role. Jason Committed
8 The Chemistry components will be used extensively by SME's for Halo-2. To get them in a usable state, we need to do the following:
  • Add SME documenation for all the "core components", such as Reaction, Acid, Mix, Aqueous-Solution, Anion, and Anion-Substance.
  • Add the description slot to all the "lower level" units, such as Na.
  • Review/improve the automatically generated spec files for the chemistry properties, such as Buffer-Capacity-Constant. This is related to Task #9.
  • Consider how best to document the chemistry laws, and do so for the most basic/general ones. Can we devise a way for SME's to author such documentation as they create new laws during Halo-2?
James in progress
9 Many of our chemistry spec's are generated automatically. (Grep the spec's directory for "Automatically generated spec file".) Does anyone remember why?

I suggest that we write a "spec file generator" that asks the user to fill in a form, then it produces a spec file from the user's input. The generator could be applied to a list of component names, it could grab basic information (such as superclass) from the .km file (as the current generator must be doing), and it could step through the files asking for input. With such a program, we could generate the spec files for the chemistry directory very quickly, and it might enable SME's to write their own spec files.

10 Make a new index.html in ~www/users/mfkb/RKF/tree that has links to the different trees: core, core+office, core+chemistry, core+bio+chem, core+bsp. (Of course all trees also contain tools). Ultimately, these links should appear in the top pane of each browser, too. Dan Done
11 Move Chemical-Entity and has-chemical-formula to chemistry directory Jason Committed
12 Move input and output slots to core; move target slot to core and confirm tight domain/range Peter Done
13 Add cvs $Id$ header to all files Jason Committed
14 Fix uc/lc name collisions and define a practice for handling name collisions in the CLib and in SHAKEN Ken
15 Description Assigned To Status