Implementing the IRIS Ontology in the CLib: Status

IRIS Subgraph IRIS Class CLIB Class Status Person Notes
ArchitecturalStructure ArchitecturalStructure Structure done James
Building Building done James
BuildingComplex same done James
Room Room done James
Bathroom same done James
Elevator same done James
Hallway same done James
LabRoom same done James
MeetingRoom same done James
OfficeRoom Office-Room done James
Cubicle same done James
ReceptionArea same done James
ShippingAndReceivingArea same done James
StorageRoom same done James
RoomComplex same done James
Apartment same done James
Office same done James
FurnitureHoldingArea removed done James
StationaryHoldingArea removed done James
ParkingLot same done James
Furniture Cabinet same done James
Drawer same done James
Shelf same done James
Process Process Activity done James
Accounting same done James
Analysis same done James
BusinessProcess same done James
Change removed done James
Evolution removed done James
Communications same done James
ConflictResolution same done James
Construction same done James
Defense same done James
Destruction same done James
Development same done James
Engineering same done James
Growth removed done James
Discovery same done James
Distribution same done James
Espionage same done James
Financing same done James
Healing same done James
Innovation same done James
Learning same done James
Maintenance same done James
Management same done James
Organization same done James
Marketing same done James
Operations same done James
Planning same done James
Prosecution same done James
Recruting same done James
Reporting same done James
Research same done James
Selling same done James
Shipping same done James
Training same done James
VirtualPlace VirtualPlace Virtual-Place done Dan
none virtual-location done Dan
OnLineService Online-Service done Dan
InformationService Information-Service done Dan
ChatBoard Chat-Board done Dan
DiscussionBoard Discussion-Board done Dan
InstantMessagingNetwork Instant-Messaging-Serice done Dan
none Instant-Messaging-Network in-progress Dan
OnLineConferencingService Online-Conferencing-Service done Dan
WebSite Web-Service done Dan
none Website done Dan
WebPage Webpage done Dan
Service Service done Dan
Machine Machine Machine done Dan
ComputerDevice Computer-Equipment done Dan in clib
ComputerHardware Computer-Component done Dan
Computer Computer done Dan
DesktopComputer Desktop-Computer done Dan
Laptop Laptop-Computer done Dan
PDA Handheld-Computer done Dan
ServerComputer Server-Computer done Dan
ComputerMemory Computer-Memory done Dan
RAM RAM done Dan
ComputerNetwork Computer-Network done Dan
ComputerNetworkPeripheral ComputerNetworkPeripheral done Dan
ComputerNetworkRouter ComputerNetworkRouter done Dan
WirelessNetworkHub WirelessNetworkHub done Dan
ComputerPeripheral ComputerPeripheral done Dan
ComputerBattery ComputerBattery done Dan
ComputerCommunicationsDevice ComputerCommunicationsDevice done Dan
ComputerCopyMachine ComputerCopyMachine done Dan
ComputerFaxMachine ComputerFaxMachine done Dan
ComputerMonitor Computer-Display done Dan in clib
ComputerProjector ComputerProjector done Dan
WallDisplayMonitor WallDisplayMonitor done Dan
ComputerMouse Mouse done Dan in clib
ComputerPrinter Printer done Dan in clib
DotMatrixPrinter Dot-Matrix-Printer done Dan
FilmPrinter Film-Printer done Dan
InkJetPrinter Ink-Jet-Printer done Dan
LaserPrinter Laser-Printer done Dan
ComputerStoragePeripheral Computer-Storage done Dan in clib
CD-ROM-Drive CDROM-Drive done Dan in clib
DVD-ROM-Drive DVDROM-Drive done Dan in clib
HardDrive Hard-Drive done Dan in clib
IPTelephone IPTelephone done Dan
Scanner Scanner done Dan in clib
CopyMachine Photocopier done Dan in clib
ComputerCopyMachine ComputerCopyMachine done Dan
FaxMachine Fax-Machine done Dan in clib
ComputerFaxMachine ComputerFaxMachine done Dan
PowerSource PowerSource done Dan
Battery ElectricalBattery done Dan
ComputerBattery ComputerBattery done Dan
Telephone Telephone done Dan in clib
IPTelephone IPTelephone done Dan
Vehicle - done Dan clib Vehicle is Role!
Elevator Elevator done Dan in clib
SoftwareProgram SoftwareProgram Computer-Program done Dan in clib
SoftwareApplication SoftwareApplication done Dan in clib
SoftwareAgent SoftwareAgent done Dan
VirtualPlace OnLineService Online-Service done Dan
ChatBoard ChatBoard done Dan
DiscussionBoard Discussion-Board done Dan
InstantMessagingNetwork Instant-Messaging-Service done Dan
OnlineConferencingService Online-Conferencing-Service done Dan
Website Web-Service done Dan
ComputerDevice SoftwareApplication ComputerProgram done Jason
SoftwareAgent Software-Agent done Jason
Interaction Discussion core/Discussion Done Jason
Session core/Session Done Jason
ChatSession office/Chat-Session Done Jason
SearchSession office/Search-Session Done Jason
Phonecall office/Phone-Call Done Jason
TelephoneConferenceCall office/Telephone-Conference-Call Done Jason
VerbalDiscussion office/Verbal-Discussion Done Jason
VideoConference office/Video-Conference Done Jason
Event Transaction core/Transaction Done Jason
BusinessDeal office/Business-Deal Done Jason
Acquisition office/Acquisition Done Jason
Merger office/Merger Done Jason
StrategicAlliance office/Strategic-Alliance Done Jason
Donation core/Donate Done Jason
Exchange office/Exchange Done Jason
Match core/Match Done Jason
PurchaseActivity office/Purchase Done Jason
Foreclosure office/Foreclosure Done Jason
Investment office/Investment Done Jason
OrganizationalPurchase office/Organizational-Purchase Done Jason
Purchase office/Purchase Done Jason
Takeover core/Take-Control Done Jason
Furniture Furniture same done Geoff
Seat same done Geoff
Chair same done Geoff
Couch same done Geoff
Table same done Geoff
Desk same done Geoff
Whiteboard same done Geoff
Organization Organization</td> same done Geoff
Group removed done Geoff
AgeGroup removed done Geoff
Audience removed done Geoff
Geopolitical-Area removed done Geoff
City removed done Geoff
County removed done Geoff
Hemisphere removed done Geoff
Nation removed done Geoff
Neighborhood removed done Geoff
Building-Complex removed done Geoff
Quarter removed done Geoff
Zone removed done Geoff
Province removed done Geoff
State removed done Geoff
Interest-Community removed done Geoff
Community-Of-Practice removed done Geoff
Special-Interest-Group removed done Geoff
Cultural-Organization removed done Geoff
Social-Network removed done Geoff
Community same done Geoff
Family same done Geoff
Team same done Geoff
Department same done Geoff
WorkGroup Workgroup done Geoff
Committee same done Geoff
ProjectTeam Project-Team done Geoff
Institution same done Geoff
EconomicCommunity same to be in Commerce Geoff
Industry same to be in Commerce Geoff
Market same to be in Commerce Geoff