RKF Reading Group

Our reading group meetings are held every other Friday at 1pm in NorthWest corner of ACES, 3rd floor.
Suggested reading
Feb 01, 2002
James Fan
Lucy Vanderwende - "Algorithm for automatic interpretation of noun sequences"
Levi - "Derivations of complex nominals by predicate deletion"
Feb 15, 2002
Peter Yeh
John McCarthy - "Notes on Formalizing Context"
Jerome Euzenat - "An Algebraic Approach to Granularity in Qualitative Time and Space Representation"
Mar 1, 2002
Dan Tecuci
Nicola Guarino & Christopher Welty - "Identity and Subsumption" to appear in R. Green, C. A. Bean, and S. Hyon Myaeng (eds.),The Semantics of Relationships: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, Kluwer 2001 (in press)
Mar 22, 2002
James Fan
Sanda Harabagiu, "Deriving Metonymic Coercions from WordNet", in Proceedings of the Workshop on Usage of WordNet in Natural Language Processing Systems, COLING-ACL'98, Montreal, Canada, August 1998, pages 142-148.
Apr 26, 2002
Peter Yeh
Dedre Gentner - "Structure-Mapping: A Theoretical Framework for Analogy"
Deborah McGuinness et. al. - "Knowledge Assisted Search"
May 17, 2002
Dan Tecuci
P. Wiemer-Hastings, et. al. - "Inferring the meaning of verbs from context" in Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, (1998).

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