Software for our RKF Project

Our KM knowledge representation language: documentation and code

Our Configuration Management software.

We use CVS to manage all our software products, including components (both specifications and KM axioms), scripts, and macros. CVS handles version control and keeps a history of all changes to the software.

Our EMACS macros for working with components. One macro uses the TAGS facility in EMACS to help us navigate through the component library. Other macros create templates for new components we're adding to the library.

Our Unix scripts for testing the component library. One script, which is automatically run daily, tests all the components to insure that errors have not crept into the library.

Our sed script for converting .kml spec files to html. To convert the file foo.spec.kml issue the command:
   % sed -f kml.sed foo.spec.kml >foo.spec.html

Our lisp code for loading the component library. KM must already be loaded. The syntax for loading the component library is:
   (load-lib [directory-path])
[directory-path] is the path specifying where the component library is located. The following is an example showing how to load the component library:
   CL-USER(2): (load-lib "./components/")

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