Tasks for the UT RKF Team to Prepare for T1

Number People Priority Project Status
1 Bruce Critical Develop training materials
2 Ken and James Critical Create components (with SME doc's) for military tasks.
3 Ken and James Critical Add pre-conditions for trafficability based on types of terrain
4 Art Critical Create several COA's with NuSketch. Check their translation into SHAKEN. Coordinate with Peter on task 5.
5 Peter Critical Create numerous patterns and apply them to the COA's that Art creates (task 4). Work with SRI on getting the pattern applier into SHAKEN.
6 Dan Critical Write SME documentation for these properties: direction, distance, duration, frequency, intensity, manner, rate, area, capacity, number-of-elements, size.

Update the slot dictionary to include the BSP relations (ask Ken first).

In the slot dictionary, why is number-of-elements displayed in gray?

7 Ken and Dan High Write property documents for the BSP-specific properties.

Write GPD's for using BSP-specific properties, such as critique-score and combat-strength. Link the GPD's to the SME documentation.

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