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Fall 2016 Meeting Time & Place

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Scheduled Meetings

8/22/2016 3:30PM GDC 3.816 Angel Chang, Will Monroe, Manolis Savva, Christopher Potts, Christopher D. Manning
Text to 3D Scene Generation with Rich Lexical Grounding, ACL 2015

* Future meetings subject to rearrangement.
* Please send in suggestions for new papers to discuss, or vote for a paper from the currently proposed papers.

Past Meetings

5/3/2016 10AM GDC 3.816 Jacob Andreas, Marcus Rohrbach, Trevor Darrell, Dan Klein
Learning to Compose Neural Networks for Question Answering, NAACL 2016
4/19/2016 10AM GDC 3.816 Giampiero Salvi, Luis Montesano, Alexandre Bernardino, Jose Santos-Victor
Language bootstrapping: Learning word meanings from perception-action association, IEEE 2011
4/5/2016 10AM GDC 3.816 Stanislaw Antol, Aishwarya Agrawal, Jiasen Lu, Margaret Mitchell, Dhruv Batra, C. Lawrence Zitnick, Devi Parikh
VQA: Visual Question Answering, ICCV 2015
3/22/2016 10AM GDC 3.816 Ivan Vendrov, Ryan Kiros, Sanja Fidler, Raquel Urtasun
Order-embeddings of Images and Language, ICLR 2016
3/8/2016 10AM GDC 3.816 Hongyuan Mei, Mohit Bansal, and Matthew R. Walter
Listen, Attend, and Walk: Neural Mapping of Navigational Instructions to Action Sequences, AAAI 2016
2/9/2016 10AM GDC 3.816 Tom Williams, Gordon Briggs, Bradley Oosterveld, and Matthias Scheutz
Going Beyond Literal Command-Based Instructions: Extending Robotic Natural Language Interaction Capabilities, AAAI 2015
1/26/2016 10AM GDC 3.816 Angeliki Lazaridou, Nghia The Pham, and Marco Baroni
Combining Language and Vision with a Multimodal Skip-gram Model, NAACL 2015

* For older discussions, see Previous Discussions

If you find a certain paper interesting and would like to recommend reading, please feel free to let us know during the meeting or e-mail Jesse Thomason.

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