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Fall 2016 Meeting Time & Place

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Scheduled Meetings

05/01/2017 3:30PM GDC 3.816 Yonatan Bisk, Deniz Yuret, Daniel Marcu
Natural Language Communication with Robots, NAACL 2016

* Future meetings subject to rearrangement.

* Please send in suggestions for new papers to discuss, or vote for a paper from the currently proposed papers.

Past Meetings

04/17/2017 3:30PM GDC 3.816 Abhishek Das, Satwik Kottur, José M.F. Moura, Stefan Lee, Dhruv Batra
Learning Cooperative Visual Dialog Agents with Deep Reinforcement Learning, arXiv 2017
04/3/2017 3:30PM GDC 3.816 Muhannad Alomari, Paul Duckworth, Davic C. Hogg, Anthony G. Cohn
Natural Language Acquisition and Grounding for Embodied Robotic Systems, AAAI 2017
03/13/2017 3:30PM GDC 3.816 Carina Silberer, Vittorio Ferrari, Mirella Lapata
Visually Grounded Meaning Representations, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2016
02/27/2017 3:30PM GDC 3.816 Harm de Vries, Florian Strub, Sarath Chandar, Olivier Pietquin, Hugo Larochelle, Aaron Courville
GuessWhat?! Visual object discovery through multi-modal dialogue, arXiv, November 2016
02/06/2017 3:30PM GDC 3.816 Aishwarya Padmakumar and Jesse Thomason and Raymond J. Mooney
Integrated Learning of Dialog Strategies and Semantic Parsing, EACL 2017
01/23/2017 3:30PM GDC 3.816 Emanuele Bastianelli, Danilo Croce, Andrea Vanzo, Roberto Basili, and Daniele Nardi
A Discriminative Approach to Grounded Spoken Language Understanding in Interactive Robotics, IJCAI 2016
12/05/2016 3:30PM GDC 3.816 Jaeyong Sung, Seok Hyun Jin, and Ashutosh Saxena
Robobarista: Object Part based Transfer of Manipulation Trajectories from Crowd-sourcing in 3D Pointclouds, ISRR 2015
11/21/2016 3:30PM GDC 3.816 Sergio Guadarrama, Erik Rodner, Kate Saenko, Trevor Darrell
Understanding object descriptions in robotics by open-vocabulary object retrieval and detection, IJRR 2016
11/07/2016 3:30PM GDC 3.816 David Whitney, Miles Eldon, John Oberlin, Stefanie Tellex
Interpreting Multimodal Referring Expressions in Real Time, IEEE 2016
10/24/2016 3:30PM GDC 3.816 Scott Reed, Zeynep Akata, Xinchen Yan, Lajanugen Logeswaran, Bernt Schiele, Honglak Lee
Generative Adversarial Text to Image Synthesis, ICML 2016
10/10/2016 3:30PM GDC 3.816 Antoine Bosselut, Jianfu Chen, David Warren, Hannaneh Hajishirzi, and Yejin Choi
Learning Prototypical Event Structure from Photo Albums, ACL 2016
9/26/2016 3:30PM GDC 3.816 Lisa Anne Hendricks, Zeynep Akata, Marcus Rohrbach, Jeff Donahue, Bernt Schiele, Trevor Darrell
Generating Visual Explanations, arXiv 2016
9/12/2016 3:30PM GDC 3.816 Gordon Christie, Ankit Laddha, Aishwarya Agrawal, Stanislaw Antol, Yash Goyal, Kevin Kochersberger, Dhruv Batra
Resolving Vision and Language Ambiguities Together: Joint Segmentation & Prepositional Attachment Resolution in Captioned Scenes, EMNLP 2016
8/29/2016 3:30PM GDC 3.816 Angel Chang, Will Monroe, Manolis Savva, Christopher Potts, Christopher D. Manning
Text to 3D Scene Generation with Rich Lexical Grounding, ACL 2015

* For older discussions, see Previous Discussions

If you find a certain paper interesting and would like to recommend reading, please feel free to let us know during the meeting or e-mail Jesse Thomason.

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