Vote for the Board of the International Machine Learning Society


This form is to be used to vote for 10 individuals to to serve on the board of a newly formed International Machine Learning Society. The primary purpose of this society is to manage and support the holding of the annual International Conference on Machine Learning (click here for more information about the formation of this society).

You must be on the registered list of ICML/ECML attendees (in the form of an email address) in order to vote. If you are unable to vote because you are not on the list, but have attended an ICML or ECML in the past 5 years, please send mail to

Votes will be accepted until Nov. 2, 2001.

If you experience problems voting, please contact 1. Enter your email address as your voter ID.

A confirmation of your vote will be automatically mailed to this address.

2. Enter your votes.

You may vote for up to 10 candidates, but once you submit your votes, you cannot vote again.

Candidates (Check 10 boxes)
Vote Name Title Affiliation Homepage
Naoki Abe Research Staff Member IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center Homepage
Jonathan Baxter Director of Product Architecture WhizBang! Labs Homepage
Kristin Bennett Associate Professor Rensselar Polytechnic Institute Homepage
Michael Berthold Director of Data Analysis Tripos, Inc. Homepage
Karl Branting Senior Research Scientist LiveWire Logic, Inc. Homepage
Carla Brodley Associate Professor, Purdue University Homepage
Claire Cardie Associate Professor Cornell University Homepage
William W. Cohen Distinguished Research Scientist WhizBang! Labs Homepage
Diane J. Cook Professor University of Texas at Arlington Homepage
Nello Cristianini Visiting Lecturer BIOwulf Technologies and University of California, Berkeley Homepage
Honghua Dai Professor Deakin University Homepage
Andrea Danyluk Associate Professor Williams College Homepage
Ramon Lopez de Mantaras Full Research Professor and Deputy Director Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, CSIC Homepage
Luc De Raedt Professor Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg Homepage
Thomas G. Dietterich Professor Oregon State University Homepage
Pedro Domingos Assistant Professor University of Washington Homepage
Marco Dorigo Maetre de Recherches du FNRS Universite' Libre de Bruxelles Homepage
Charles Elkan Associate Professor University of California, San Diego Homepage
Peter A. Flach Reader in Machine Learning University of Bristol Homepage
Russ Greiner Professor University of Alberta Homepage
Haym Hirsh Associate Professor Rutgers University Homepage
Larry Holder Associate Professor University of Texas at Arlington Homepage
Tommi Jaakkola Assistant Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology Homepage
David Jensen Research Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts, Amherst Homepage
Michael I. Jordan Professor University of California at Berkeley Homepage
Leslie Pack Kaelbling Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology Homepage
Yves Kodratoff Director of Research U. Paris-Sud Homepage
Nicholas Kushmerick College Lecturer University College Dublin, Ireland Homepage
Pat Langley Director Institute for the Study of Learning and Expertise Homepage
Nada Lavrac Head of the Intelligent Data Analysis and Computational Linguistics Research Group Jozef Stefan Institute Homepage
Michael L. Littman Member of Technical Staff AT&T Labs--Research Homepage
Sridhar Mahadevan Associate Professor University of Massachusetts Homepage
Stan Matwin Professor University of Ottawa Homepage
Ryszard S. Michalski Planning Research Corporation Professor of Computational Sciences George Mason University Homepage
Steve Minton Chief Technology Officer Fetch Technologies Homepage
Dunja Mladenic Researcher Jozef Stefan Institute Homepage
Andrew W. Moore A. Nico Haberman Associate Professor of Robotics and Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University Homepage
Katharina Morik Prof. Dr. University of Dortmund Homepage
Hiroshi Motoda Professor Osaka University Homepage
David Page Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin Homepage
Ronald Parr Assistant Professor Duke University Homepage
Bernhard Pfahringer Senior Lecturer University of Waikato Homepage
Foster Provost Associate Professor of Information, Operations, and Management Sciences New York University Homepage
Marco Ramoni Instructor in Medicine Harvard University Homepage
Stuart Russell Professor of Computer Science and Smith-Zadeh Professor of Engineering University of California at Berkeley Homepage
Lorenza Saitta Full Professor of Computer Science Universita del Piemonte Orientale Homepage
Claude Sammut Professor University of New South Wales Homepage
Robert Schapire Principal Member of Technical Staff AT&T Labs -- Research Homepage
Juergen Schmidhuber Director IDSIA Homepage
Michele Sebag Researcher Ecole Polytechnique Homepage
Jude Shavlik Professor University of Wisconsin-Madison Homepage
Padhraic Smyth Associate Professor University of California, Irvine Homepage
Richard S. Sutton Principal Technical Staff Member AT&T Shannon Laboratory Homepage
Antal van den Bosch Assistant Professor Tilburg University, the Netherlands Homepage
Geoffrey Webb Professor of Computing Deakin University Homepage
Ian H. Witten Professor of Computer Science University of Waikato Homepage
Stefan Wrobel Prof. Dr. Otto-von-Guericke-Universitat Magdeburg Homepage