Using Allegro Common Lisp 6.0 in Emacs

Configuring Emacs

Information on the Emacs interface for ACL6 can be found in /lusr/lib/franz/acl60/doc/eli.htm. You may also want to look at keybindings for the common-lisp mode in that readme file. A sample of what to put in your ~/.emacs file to use the emacs interface follows:

;;;; Configure ACL Elisp interface
(defvar acl-dir "/lusr/lib/franz/acl60/"  "root directory for Allegro Common Lisp")

(defvar acl-eli-dir (concat acl-dir "eli/") 
  "root directory for the Elisp interface to Allegro Common Lisp")

(autoload 'fi:common-lisp (concat acl-eli-dir "fi-site-init") 
  "Start the ACL Elisp interface" t)

(setq fi:common-lisp-image-name (concat acl-dir "alisp"))
(setq fi:common-lisp-image-file (concat acl-dir "alisp.dxl"))

Starting Lisp

With that in your ~/.emacs, you can then invoke the ACL6 interface with M-x fi:common-lisp. The first time you invoke fi:common-lisp in an emacs session, it will ask several questions. You can just accept the default for each question by hitting the Return key. You will be asked those questions each time an emacs process runs the fi:common-lisp function, but only once for any given emacs process.

If you prefer, when it asks for a Process directory:, you can pick whatever directory you're keeping your cs351 files in, such as e.g. ~/cs351/. You can make that directory the default by adding to your ~/.emacs file:

(setq fi:common-lisp-directory "~/cs351/")

Last Updated: Jan 13, 2002