determine whether a given name or rune is disabled


:disabledp foo ; returns a list of all disabled runes whose base ; symbol is foo (see rune) (disabledp 'foo) ; same as above (i.e., :disabledp foo) :disabledp (:rewrite bar . 1) ; returns t if the indicated rune is ; disabled, else nil (disabledp (:rewrite bar . 1)); same as immediately above

Also see pr, which gives much more information about the rules associated with a given event.

Disabledp takes one argument, an event name or a rune. In the former case it returns the list of disabled runes associated with that name (in the sense that the rune's ``base symbol'' is that name; see rune). In the latter case it returns t if the given rune is disabled, and nil otherwise.