About the ACL2 Home Page

The ACL2 Home Page is integrated into the ACL2 online documentation. Over 1.5 megabytes of text is available here.

The vast majority of the text is user-level documentation. For example, to find out about rewrite rules you could click on the word ``rewrite .'' But before you do that remember that you must then use your browser's back commands to come back here.

The tiny warning signs mark pointers that lead out of the introductory-level material and into the user documentation. If you are taking the Flying Tour, we advise you to avoid following such pointers the first time; it is easy to get lost in the full documentation unless you are pursuing the answer to a specific question. If you do wander down these other paths, remember you can back out to a page containing the Flying Tour icon to resume the tour.

At the end of the tour you will have a chance to return to The Flight Plan where you can revisit the main stops of the Flying Tour and explore the alternative paths more fully.

Finally, every page contains two icons at the bottom. The ACL2 icon leads you back to the ACL2 Home Page. The Index icon allows you to browse an alphabetical listing of all the topics in ACL2's online documentation.