division returning an integer by truncating toward positive infinity
Major Section:  PROGRAMMING

Example Forms:
ACL2 !>(ceiling 14 3)
ACL2 !>(ceiling -14 3)
ACL2 !>(ceiling 14 -3)
ACL2 !>(ceiling -14 -3)
ACL2 !>(ceiling -15 -3)
(Ceiling i j) is the result of taking the quotient of i and j and returning the smallest integer that is at least as great as that quotient. For example, the quotient of -14 by 3 is -4 2/3, and the smallest integer at least that great is -4.

The guard for (ceiling i j) requires that i and j are rational (real, in ACL2(r)) numbers and j is non-zero.

Ceiling is a Common Lisp function. See any Common Lisp documentation for more information. However, note that unlike Common Lisp, the ACL2 ceiling function returns only a single value,