remove association of keyword for include-book's :dir argument
Major Section:  EVENTS

Example Forms:
(delete-include-book-dir :smith)
 ; Remove association of directory with :smith for include-book.

General Form: (delete-include-book-dir kwd)

where kwd is a keywordp. The effect of this event is to modify the meaning of the :dir keyword argument of include-book as indicated by the examples above, namely by removing association of any directory with the indicated keyword for purposes of the include-book :dir argument. Normally one would instead use add-include-book-dir to associate a new directory with that keyword; see add-include-book-dir.

Note: This is an event! It does not print the usual event summary but nevertheless changes the ACL2 logical world and is so recorded.

This macro generates a call (table acl2-defaults-table :include-book-dir-alist ...) and hence is local to any books and encapsulate events in which is occurs. See acl2-defaults-table.