adds names to current theory
Major Section:  THEORIES

(enable fact (fact) associativity-of-app)

General Form: (enable name1 name2 ... namek)

where each namei is a runic designator; see theories. The result is the theory that contains all the names in the current theory plus those listed. Note that this is merely a function that returns a theory. The result is generally a very long list of runes and you will probably regret printing it.

The standard way to ``enable'' a fixed set of names, is

(in-theory (enable name1 name2 ... namek)) ; globally
:in-theory (enable name1 name2 ... namek)  ; locally
Note that all the names are implicitly quoted. If you wish to enable a computed list of names, lst, use the theory expression (union-theories (current-theory :here) lst).