ACL2 Version 2.8 Notes on System-level Changes
Major Section:  NOTE-2-8

ACL2 now runs on OpenMCL, ``an opensourced Common Lisp implementation, derived from Digitool's Macintosh Common Lisp product.'' Thanks to Greg Wright and Robert Krug for doing most of the work for this port.

When (LP) is first executed, the underlying raw Lisp package will change to "ACL2" (if that is not already the current package in raw Lisp). This is a minor change that will probably not be noticed, since up to now it has probably been the case that the ACL2 executable starts up with "ACL2" as the underlying raw Lisp package. But this change was made because we have been informed that ACL2 executables based on OpenMCL need not start up with "ACL2" as the underlying raw Lisp package.

ACL2 now runs on MCL 5.0. Thanks to Pascal Costanza for updates to the instructions in file mcl-acl2-startup.lisp and for an update to the ACL2 sources (parameter *compiled-file-extension*).