to set the connected book directory
Major Section:  BOOKS

Example Forms:
ACL2 !>:set-cbd "/usr/home/smith/"
ACL2 !>:set-cbd "my-acl2/books"
See cbd for a description of the connected book directory.

General Form:
(set-cbd str)

where str is a nonempty string that represents the desired directory (see pathname). This command sets the connected book directory (see cbd) to the string representing the indicated directory. Thus, this command may determine which files are processed by include-book and certify-book commands typed at the top-level. However, the cbd is also temporarily set by those two book processing commands.

IMPORTANT: Pathnames in ACL2 are in the Unix (trademark of AT&T) style. That is, the character ``/'' separates directory components of a pathname, and pathnames are absolute when they start with this character, and relative otherwise. See pathname.