Sets the rewrite stack depth used by the rewriter
Major Section:  EVENTS

Note: This is an event! It does not print the usual event summary but nevertheless changes the ACL2 logical world and is so recorded.

Example Forms:
(set-rewrite-stack-limit 30)                            ; set to small limit
:set-rewrite-stack-limit 30                             ; same as above
(set-rewrite-stack-limit *default-rewrite-stack-limit*) ; the default
:set-rewrite-stack-limit (1- (expt 2 28))               ; maximum legal limit
:set-rewrite-stack-limit nil         ; same as above -- essentially, no limit
This event sets the maximum stack depth for calls of certain functions that implement the ACL2 rewriter; see rewrite-stack-limit. It must be a non-negative integer less than 2^28. A call (set-rewrite-stack-limit limit) is equivalent to:
(table acl2-defaults-table :rewrite-stack-limit limit).
The use of acl2-defaults-table ensures that this event's effect is implicitly local to the book or encapsulate form in which it occurs.

For a different but somewhat related concept, see backchain-limit.