the standard object input ``channel''
Major Section:  PROGRAMMING

Standard-oi is an ld special (see ld). The accessor is (standard-oi state) and the updater is (set-standard-oi val state). Standard-oi must be an open object input channel, a true list of objects, or a list of objects whose last cdr is an open object input channel. It is from this source that ld takes the input forms to process. When ld is called, if the value specified for standard-oi is a string or a list of objects whose last cdr is a string, then ld treats the string as a file name and opens an object input channel from that file. The channel opened by ld is closed by ld upon termination.

``Standard-oi'' stands for ``standard object input.'' The read-eval-print loop in ld reads the objects in standard-oi and treats them as forms to be evaluated. The initial value of standard-oi is the same as the value of *standard-oi* (see *standard-oi*).