to stop monitoring a rule name
Major Section:  BREAK-REWRITE

(unmonitor '(:rewrite assoc-of-app))
:unmonitor (:rewrite assoc-of-app)
:unmonitor :all

General Forms: (unmonitor rune) (unmonitor :all)

Here, rune is a rune that is currently among those with break points installed. This function removes the break.

Subtle point: Because you may want to unmonitor a ``rune'' that is no longer a rune in the current ACL2 world, we don't actually check this about rune. Instead, we simply check that rune is a consp beginning with a keywordp. That way, you'll know you've made a mistake if you try to :unmonitor binary-append instead of :unmonitor (:definition binary-append), for example.