Installing Make

We have seen problems with Version 3.81 of GNU make on Linux (though not on a Mac). Here are instructions for installing Version 3.80 of GNU make on linux that worked for us. (Note: We have both 32-bit and 64-bit OS machines on your filesystem, and after we did the following on a 32-bit machine, we could use make 3.80 on either 32-bit or 64-bit machines.)
  1. Change to a directory under which you will put make 3.80:
    mkdir Make
    cd Make
  2. Download GNU make version 3.80 from:
  3. Extract/build/install:
    tar xfz make-3.80.tar.gz
    cd make-3.80
  4. Arrange that the new make 3.80 is your default make. For example, if ~/bin at (or sufficiently near) the front of your PATH and DIR is the directory in which you downloaded make-3.80.tar.gz as above, you can do this:
    ln -s DIR/Make/make-3.80/make make
  5. Test that you have installed make 3.80 as your default make. The following should print "GNU Make 3.80".
    make --version

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