set the right margin for formatted output
Major Section:  IO

In this documentation topic we discuss setting of both a ``soft'' and a ``hard'' right margin.

Example Forms:
(set-fmt-soft-right-margin 55 state) ; set soft right margin to 55
(set-fmt-hard-right-margin 68 state) ; set hard right margin to 68

Fmt and related functions insert linebreaks when lines get too long. A linebreak is inserted at an aesthetically appropriate point once the column exceeds the value of (@ fmt-soft-right-margin). If however the column exceeds the value of (@ fmt-hard-right-margin), then a linebreak is soon inserted. Such a ``hard'' linebreak follows the insertion of a backslash (\) character unless fmt!, fms!, or fmt1! is used, or state global write-for-read is true.