ACL2 Version 3.2(r) (April, 2007) Notes
Major Section:  RELEASE-NOTES

Changed the default distributed books directory for ACL2(r) from books/ to books/nonstd/. See include-book, in particular the discussion of ``Distributed Books Directory''.

Added directory books/arithmetic-3/ and its subdirectories to books/nonstd/. (But a chunk of theorems from arithmetic-3/extra/ext.lisp are ``commented out'' using #-:non-standard-analysis because they depend on books/rtl/rel7/, which is not yet in books/nonstd/; feel free to volunteer to remedy this!)

Incorporated changes from Ruben Gamboa to some (linear and non-linear) arithmetic routines in the theorem prover, to comprehend the reals rather than only the rationals.

Please also see note-3-2 for changes to Version 3.2 of ACL2.